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STEM Moon Shot

Help finish an 11.5 foot tall model of the Saturn V Moon Rocket!

STEM Moon Shot Part 2 is a continued celebration of the science and engineering that landed humans on the Moon. Learn about space flight and STEM professionals. Come and get your own 14” Saturn V rocket to make at home to commemorate the day!

Idaho LEGO Users Group

The Idaho LEGO Users Group fosters creativity and a love of building for users of all ages through events, activities and monthly get-togethers.

This fantastic group is open to builders of all ages and skillsets. Come and join us at our next meeting or event!


Check out the backstory and creative process for a few of my original LEGO designs.


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Saturn V MoF
STEM Moon Shot – Museum of Flight

It’s day five here for us as we continue with STEM Moon Shot at the Museum of Flight i...

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STEM Moon Shot – Museum of Flight

We’ve arrived at Seattle’s Museum of Flight and have begun the sorting of the 11...

Behind the scenes of STEM Moon Shot with BrickJournal

This fun article came out of a long conversation with Joe Meno as I was unloading and asse...

20 Dec
From idea to kit: a discussion with Eljay Johnsen

Eljay and I talked for almost two hours on all sorts of topics related to LEGO, but mostly ...

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