Re-POP Gifts

Now we come to Millie at Re-POP Gifts. What a wonderful woman and an incredible store. I am always a little overloaded when I visit because there is so much fun stuff; it is hard to take it all in. She is also selling my kits and we are discussing an exclusive to her store sometime next year, so stay tuned!

Also, I must thank Millie for igniting this whole series! When my wife first moved to Boise, she bought a wonderful magnet that was made from LEGO that is still on our fridge today… she still sells these and I highly recommend them.

That small build of Idaho really inspired my whole series. With over 300 of my Idaho kits in peoples hands in just 2017, I have to thank Millie for her wonderful work and I can only hope to repay this kindness someday.

Note: My kits are only available in the physical Re-POP Gifts store (3107 W. State St., Boise, ID) but there are a ton of fun LEGO accessories available on their online shop.

Merry Christmas!

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