From idea to kit: a discussion with Eljay Johnsen

Eljay and I talked for almost two hours on all sorts of topics related to LEGO, but mostly about the STEM Moon Shot event and how I go about making kits. Someday, he and I are going to do a series on how to make your own kits… hopefully sooner than later!

Eljay Johnson, creator and host of The Eljay Johnsen Show, is a recognized expert in Bionicle building. He lives in Boise, Idaho (as do I), and we met when he saw and purchased one of my Brick Idaho kits. Eljay is a member of our IdahoLUG, so you’ll often see him and his fantastic MOCs at our meetings and events!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and listen in when you get a chance. He is also on Twitter as @TheEljayJohnson where he normally announces his guests a few days before they appear.