Saturn V

Stem Moon Shot – Museum of Flight

It’s day five here for us as we continue with Stem Moon Shot at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. The first stage of the rocket is nearly complete, and all our wonderful volunteers are powering t...

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Brick Sorting

STEM Moon Shot @ Museum of Flight

We’ve arrived at Seattle’s Museum of Flight and have begun the sorting of the 119,000 or so LEGO bricks required for the event, where we will be building a second Saturn V rocket! This ev...

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The art (and fun!) of the mosaic

One of the activities on February 3 will be helping to build a mosaic out of LEGO elements. Every digital photograph, screen, monitor, or other electronic display uses pixels to make an image. LEGO ca...

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Diving into the Apollo 11 flight plan

As you come to STEM Moon Shot area, you will get your Flight Plan to begin your exploration of the event and BSU’sĀ Engineering & Science Festival. Well, this has a basis in the Apollo progra...

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Exploring the Apollo program

As a child of the 60s, space exploration was my life. I watched when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. I followed every mission and dreamed of being an astronaut. Around the STEM Moon Shot main...

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Stickers for the micro Saturn Vs

We have stickers! Signs Now on Orchard did a great job printing the wonderful work of Jonny Smith (the project’s Graphic Designer). These will make the Micro Saturn Vs look like they can fly! Mo...

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LEGO Free Build

What would you do with 20,000 LEGO bricks? What could you build? Over the next few days before the STEM Moon Shot event, I am going to give a little background on what activities will be available. So...

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