STEM Moon Shot Part 2 is a continuation of the first event held at BSU on February 3, 2018. This will be a limited scope, two-day event to finish the main build AND hand out more Micro Saturn V kits. Here are the two activities that will be happening:

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Saturn V Moon Rocket Build

Age 7 to 14

Register for a 30-minute time slot to help build a replica of the 1969 Apollo Saturn V Moon Rocket out of LEGO! Work in a team with a mentor to build a segment of the rocket. Completed, this model will be 11.5 feet tall, weigh roughly 300 pounds, and include more than 32,000 bricks. This project shows many of the tools and skills that engineers and scientists use to plan, design, experiment, and build…and it will be super fun!

This is a scheduled activity and registration is required.

The designer, Scott Bowman of IDEABRICKWORKS (a mechanical engineer), will share how he designed the model and what he learned in the process.

Everyone who helps build the rocket will automatically receive a free micro Saturn V kit with a commemorative launch pad (no additional registration required).

The library will be busy and space is limited. We ask that only one parent be present at the build tables when their child is working.

Micro General Final

Micro Saturn V Kit Pickup

Ages 5 to 18

If you do not help build a section of the large rocket, you may still register for a time slot to pick up your free micro Saturn V kit with launch pad. You’ll apply custom stickers to your rocket, and it will be a wonderful reminder of the fun day.

Due to space constraints in the library, we ask that you pick up your kit at the time you were issued and build your kit when you get home. There is not enough room for everyone to line up for their kit or build it at the library.