The art (and fun!) of the mosaic

One of the activities on February 3 will be helping to build a mosaic out of LEGO elements.

Every digital photograph, screen, monitor, or other electronic display uses pixels to make an image. LEGO can become the pixels in a fun way to reproduce or create artwork.

What will you make at STEM Moon Shot? You won’t know until the whole thing is made and revealed in the afternoon. I will give you a hint… it is NOT a picture of a moon rocket!

Diving into the Apollo 11 flight plan

As you come to STEM Moon Shot area, you will get your Flight Plan to begin your exploration of the event and BSU’s Engineering & Science Festival. Well, this has a basis in the Apollo program AND every spaceflight since NASA started sending rockets into space.

A flight plan is an incredibly detailed and “engineered” document that allows all members of both the ground crew and spacecraft astronauts to complete their mission. Every aspect of the mission is planned down to the minute–even down to the second at certain points.

Look at these pages and you will see some of the significant milestones of the Apollo 11 Mission that landed humans on the moon!

Exploring the Apollo program

As a child of the 60s, space exploration was my life. I watched when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. I followed every mission and dreamed of being an astronaut.

Around the STEM Moon Shot main build, I am going to be displaying artifacts that I collected over the years, including stuff that I wrote NASA (no email or internet, remember) and what they mailed back to me! Also a couple of books and interesting stuff related to the Apollo program.

It’s not a competition without prizes…

What would be appropriate awards and prizes for STEM Moon Shot… let me think… LEGO, that’s it, LEGO! Here are the prizes for the event that will be distributed throughout the day. Most are related to the Design within Constraint activities, but there will be some other opportunities to win. Yes, there is a Saturn V peeking out from the back!

Here’s a larger image to see it all:

26910476_2033192110254797_3431857973741406342_o (1)

LEGO Free Build

What would you do with 20,000 LEGO bricks? What could you build? Over the next few days before the STEM Moon Shot event, I am going to give a little background on what activities will be available. Something we have at most of our events is the free build table. Kids are invited and encouraged to… FREE BUILD! The creativity is astounding.

Come and join the making and use brick to make a spaceship, an astronaut, a planet, or something no one has imagined. You can’t take your build with you (we need the brick for other events for more kids), but you can display your creation at the Best of Free Build table. We really do not want to have to judge the wonderful things kids do so all entrants will be entered into a raffle to win a LEGO prize!

These pictures are from various events over the past couple of years, but I think you will agree…there is creativity and fun outside of the directions!

Unpacking a half ton of bricks

What do 186,250 LEGO bricks look like? Well, funny you should ask… this is what 186,250 LEGO bricks look like, and they weight almost 1,000 pounds!

Today the brick arrived (on three half pallets) from the LEGO factory in Billund for the STEM Moon Shot event on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Boise State University’s Engineering and Science Festival.

Thank you LEGO and the great people in the Community Engagement group for helping this event happen. This is going to be fun!

Re-POP Gifts

Now we come to Millie at Re-POP Gifts. What a wonderful woman and an incredible store. I am always a little overloaded when I visit because there is so much fun stuff; it is hard to take it all in. She is also selling my kits and we are discussing an exclusive to her store sometime next year, so stay tuned!

Also, I must thank Millie for igniting this whole series! When my wife first moved to Boise, she bought a wonderful magnet that was made from LEGO that is still on our fridge today… she still sells these and I highly recommend them.

That small build of Idaho really inspired my whole series. With over 300 of my Idaho kits in peoples hands in just 2017, I have to thank Millie for her wonderful work and I can only hope to repay this kindness someday.

Note: My kits are only available in the physical Re-POP Gifts store (3107 W. State St., Boise, ID) but there are a ton of fun LEGO accessories available on their online shop.

Merry Christmas!

Mixed Greens

The next store to join my small but wonderful band of retail outlets was Mixed Greens. Rita has been great to work with and has made three orders too. This store likes a mix of all the different versions I have made. This is a wonderful store with a very fun selection of quality things. I am proud they include me in their inventory!

Merry Christmas!