STEM Moon Shot


  • Brick Count: 34,000+
  • Height: 12ft (including base)
  • Weight: 300lbs
  • Time: 3 days prep – 3 days build
  • Attendance: 900+ Young people
  • Adult Volunteers: Museum of Flight, SEALUG, Boeing



Our Youtube Channel and Instagram pages are full of images and videos from the event.


Seattle Museum of Flight

STEM Moon Shot 2019


STEM Moon Shot 2019 was hosted as part of the Lunar Block Party event on the 19th – 21st July. This event in conjunction with The Museum of Flight is part of the museum’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The build of the Saturn V commenced on Friday morning and finished on Sunday afternoon

The team worked with members of the Seattle Lego Users Group (SEALUG) and The Museum of Flight to deliver an event promoting STEM to young people whilst they visited the museum. With the team arriving at the museum on Tuesday, they took delivery of over 119,000 LEGO bricks and began sorting them into the kits for the Micro Saturn V Rockets that young people would take home, and the bricks required for each section of the Saturn V Rocket.

Over the next few days countless volunteers from SEALUG, The Museum of Flight and Boeing all took part in helping us sort through the bricks, even the accountants for the museum found time to hold a team meeting whilst sorting through the bricks.

On Friday the build began and the team moved out to the Museum floor, taking refuge next to the Lockheed M-21 Blackbird. Things began slowly as the build got underway with the base and the engines, something that would take a bit of time, but once everyone got into the swing of things, the build progressed rapidly.

With over 900 young people attending over the course of the weekend we were certainly not short of any volunteers to help with the build. The build finally came to an end at 16:52 on Sunday afternoon with Scott placing the final section onto the rocket.


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