Behind the scenes of STEM Moon Shot with BrickJournal

This fun article came out of a long conversation with Joe Meno as I was unloading and assembling the Saturn V rocket at Brickslopes last summer.

Joe is the creator and editor of BrickJournal, one of the most respected publications dedicated to the LEGO building community, and I have the privilege to call him a good friend. Thank you, Joe, for allowing me to post this PDF of the article.

I strongly encourage you to check out the BrickJournal website and subscribe to the magazine, which includes builder interviews, events and conventions, reviews, building instructions, and much more. Joe offers both print and electronic versions at a very reasonable price.

From idea to kit: a discussion with Eljay Johnsen

Eljay and I talked for almost two hours on all sorts of topics related to LEGO, but mostly about the STEM Moon Shot event and how I go about making kits. Someday, he and I are going to do a series on how to make your own kits… hopefully sooner than later!

Eljay Johnson, creator and host of The Eljay Johnsen Show, is a recognized expert in Bionicle¬†building. He lives in Boise, Idaho (as do I), and we met when he saw and purchased one of my Brick Idaho kits. Eljay is a member of our IdahoLUG, so you’ll often see him and his fantastic MOCs at our meetings and events!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and listen in when you get a chance. He is also on Twitter as @TheEljayJohnson where he normally announces his guests a few days before they appear.